Hairy Lemon Island


We are approximately 85kms from Kampala and 45kms from Jinja. Please check the directions carefully; we often find that guests coming from Kampala find the Gayaza / Kayunga road a much better option than using the main Kampala / Jinja road.

We prefer that guests arrange their own transport to and from the Lemon. If you are coming from Entebbe, Kampala or Jinja, Robert (+256 712973072) knows where we are. Prices are flexible with inflation but stand at around-about: Bujagali – Hairy Lemon 80,000 Kampala – Hairy Lemon 140,000 Entebbe – Hairy Lemon 180,000 If you use your own private transportation, please note that all vehicles are left on the mainland at the landing dock where they will be looked after by our askari.

On arrival strike the gong in the Ficus tree and a boatman will arrive to ferry you across to the Hairy Lemon in a traditional canoe.

REMEMBER: the last boat leaves the shore at 6:00 PM and there is no access to the Island after this time so make sure you arrive by then. Keep in mind the travel time estimates in the directions above. In the event of a medical emergency, it is most certainly possible for you to leave the island. Click this link to enter your starting point or get specific directions from either Kampala (via Gayaza-Kayunga), Kampala (via Jinja) or Jinja.