Hairy Lemon Island

Organic Farming

We have successfully developed 17 acres of farm land and currently have over 30 pigs roaming amongst 5 separate paddocks; 10 cows (2 of which we milk daily) and a chicken coop that can house over 60 chickens on the farm. These provide a much needed source of meat and milk for the kitchen! Our gardens provide as many fresh fruit and vegetables as we can possibly grow, alongside our stock of fresh herbs, chilies and lemons – some of which you see planted around the base of our trees on the island.

All about the animals and our farm

This year has seen some radical changes to our farm and vegetable garden. The most noticeable being a new spiral water wheel and 3 extra pig pens which have been electrified. By installing the spiral water wheel (like the one on the island) to service the farm; we were able to radically improve our irrigation system where we needed it most and this provided water whenever we wanted it!

We then increased the size of our vegetable garden by adding an additional 6 beds, which provided lettuce, eggplants, tomatoes, beans, basil, coriander, peas and chillies on a regular basis for the dinner table. We also harvested just over 300kgs of maize, plus an additional 100kgs of millet and sorghum. These were milled locally and have helped to supplement staff meals plus providing tasty additions in our restaurant. Grace’s millet samoosas are very popular as are Assad’s millet pancakes, served with fresh lemons from the farm.

We welcomed in four new calves; Cocoa and Baby Grace born a few months ago and more recently, Monday and Tuesday born a few weeks ago. Milo has certainly expanded his herd rather successfully!

Our families of pigs continue to thrive, with 24 new piglets born in May. We sadly said goodbye to Roastie, who has left behind a vast progeny of offspring that will keep our farm going for many months to come.

We are very fortunate to be able to regularly harvest pumpkins, butternut and cabbages. Thankfully these tasty vegetables have a long shelf life; although nothing beats fresh pumpkin fritters, butternut soup with coriander or roasted butternut with home-made feta cheese!